His Majesty’s Factory

If you go for a walk through the woods at Langwith to-day  there is little sign of the industry that once went on in the area. It’s green and peaceful now, but it was not always this way, as I found out on Pepper’s walk this week.

First we went through what is now a park and some woodland, but not too many years ago this was the site of one of the area’s numerous collieries, complete with huge railway sidings. There’s absolutely nothing left of any of it, except for the rail track that is now the Robin Hood line and an old footbridge over it.

Carrying on across the bridge, we eventually came to a huge open space. Here, over a century ago now, stood His Majesty’s Factory, a huge and supposedly secret place engaged in making the chemicals for use in WW1 era sea mines. Needless to say this was a dangerous Job and two fatal accidents happened in quick succession.Today the factory is also just a memory. However there is a small stone with a plaque attached, giving the details of those who lost their lives. The plaque also remembers the crew of a WW2 aircraft that crashed on the site.

It’s a shame that at least some of this history couldn’t be preserved. The closure of the colliery and subsequent landscaping of the surrounding area wiped it all away though. And judging by the air gun pellet holes in the plaque, it probably wouldn’t have been appreciated anyway. How sad.



Frosty morning

There’s a definite nip in the air this morning. The pond at Vale Angling Club is completely frozen over and there’s a thick frost covering everything.

The weather hasn’t stopped Rupert wanting his walk though. The photo above is the scene today down on the old railway track.

Cold day in Carr Vale

It was a nice bright morning down at Vale Angling Club this morning but very, very cold. It didn’t stop Rupert wanting his walk though. So I pulled my wooly hat down over my ears and off we went.Despite the cold there were quite a few people (and dogs) enjoying the sunshine. Let’s hope there are lots more nice bright days to come.


Happy New Year

Christmas is over for another year, so now it’s time to look forward to the Summer and to try not to dwell on the two months of winter that are yet to come. Someone who is not dwelling on it is Pepper, who has been out this week, enjoying her walks as usual.

At the park

The weather was a bit miserable for most of last week. Cold, dark and wet. However while walking Pepper on Friday the sun did briefly appear. I managed to quickly take the photo above before the rain started again.

New Walk for a new dog

Say hello to Chip. I’m taking him for walks this week while his owners are away. He’s a very friendly Dog who likes to stretch his legs in the fields near his house. Luckily we’ve discovered an abandoned railway that’s been turned into a footpath, so it’s on the list for exploring tomorrow.

The leaves have left

We are now almost at the end of November and the change in the scenery around us has been quite dramatic over the last couple of weeks. Almost all the trees have now completely lost their leaves and the sun seems to have gone the same way. Last week was full of damp, dull days and the weather forecast says there are more to come.

None of this stops dogs wanting walks though, so it’s on with the wooly hat and extra thick jumper and off we go!

Walks in any weather

As you look at some of the photos in my previous posts, you may well think I only walk dogs on nice sunny days. So here to prove that is definitely not true is a picture of my dog Pippa having a walk around the local recreation ground. It was dark, damp and foggy but surprisingly not that cold.

Last winter I did some amazing walks in the snow and only had to cancel one day of walks because of bad weather. Dogs love snow of course. Pippa is not so keen on fog though!

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