Meet Hope

This is Hope. She’s just one of a trio of dogs who have just started enjoying lunchtime walks.

Despite being a tiny mini-Dachshund, she loves walking. It always amazes me how small dogs with short legs manage to walk so far and so fast. They easily out-pace me sometimes!

Summer is here

Summer seems to have arrived this week. After a cold and wet week last week, Monday greeted us with clear blue skies.

Jarvis is taking full advantage of the nice weather. He’s been running around, Barking his head off. Typical Jarvis!


May Flowers

May is here and the May-blossom is out just to prove it. Afters nice sunny start to the week, the weather has now deteriorated to wind and rain. However I took the photo above on Tuesday while walking Jarvis, while the seater was still good. That feels like a distant memory now.


Enjoying another walk

Hunter and Tweed enjoyed their walk again yesterday. Believe it or not, they are actually brother and sister, despite looking quite a lot different. They both like to eat carrots though, which is what they’re doing here.

Pepper out and about

Pepper has been out and about enjoying her walks again this week. This photo was taken on Tuesday, when we were still enjoying the easter heatwave. Unfortunately a lot has changed in four days and it’s dull and cold outside this morning. It doesn’t stop Pepper wanting a walk though, so I’ll be off to see her again this afternoon.

If your dog wants a walk too, give me a call on 07837 306824. I’ve currently got a lunchtime slot available, which is rare as it’s the busiest time for dog walking. It’s likely to be taken quickly, so give me a ring today if you’re interested.


If you go down to the woods today

The Easter weekend may be over but the sun has stayed with us, at least for today. So for Jarvis’s walk this afternoon he had an hour in the woods to admire the bluebells. Being a spaniel, he loves to rummage around, so the woods are an ideal place for him. It’s also nice and cool now the trees have their leaves once again.

When Easter is not at Easter

Although it’s only Good Friday today, Otis is already back from his Easter break and enjoying his twice-weekly walks once again. His Owner works term time only and because Easter is so late this year it made the term running up to it too long. So Sheffield area schools had their holidays two weeks early. It does seem a bit strange though seeing the kids going back to school when in other places they are just finishing. Not that it bothers Otis. He’s just pleased to be out in the sunshine.

Pepper’s afternoon out.

Pepper has been enjoying her last walk before Easter this afternoon. The sun was out, so she made the most of her hour, walking all over the park that used to be the site of Langwith colliery many years ago. There’s no trace of the old pit now though. It’s just a maze of grass and trees. Not that Pepper is complaining.

The scary tree of Perlethorpe

For the last few weeks I’ve been walking past this tree in the village of Perlethorpe on the Thoresby Estate.  It brings back memories of the movie Poltergeist, where the gnarled old tree in the yard comes to life, it’s branches smash through a window and it drags the family’s youngest daughter away into another dimension.

I’m not getting too close to this one, just in case!


Walks and visits

It’s a mixed bag of walks and home visits for me today. Becky is lucky enough to have a nice garden she can run around in, so she’s having a couple of home visits while her owners are out. She’s even doing a bit of weeding!

If your pet (it doesn’t necessarily have to be a dog) needs a visit while you’re out then give us a call on 07837 306824 any time.

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