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Daycare & Overnight

Would you like to spend the night in a kennel, with all those strange sounds, no human company and a cold concrete floor? We didn’t think so!  It’s likely to be just as stressful for your pet too. So here at Andy Walks we have the perfect home away from home alternative.

Your 4-legged friend will be looked after in a home environment, with people, toys, good food and a nice warm bed.

We only take one dog at a time or multiple dogs from the same household, So it’s as stress-free for your pet as we can make it when they are away from home.

We offer both daycare and overnight stays, which can be combined at a disconted rate to form a complete doggy holiday. Daycare can also stretch into the evening, usually at no extra cost, so it’s perfect if you’re working late.

Call us now on 07837 306824 for more details.

Dog walking

Andy with Rupert
Andy with Rupert

If your dog needs a walk, you’ve come to the right place! Andy is happy to walk all types of dog, large or small, whatever breed they may be.

Some walkers don’t walk certain breeds, but that seems a bit unfair to us. It’s not your dog’s fault what size they are or what reputation their type may or may not have. They all want the chance to have a walk just the same.

Walks and home visits are booked in either 30 minute or 1 hour blocks. This is timed from arrival to leaving and can include walking, feeding or supervised time in the garden.

Before you make a firm booking Andy will normally come to meet you and your pet. This visit is totally free of charge and it’s a great chance to ask any questions and to get to know each other.

So why not arrange your free pre-visit today?

Call Andy on 07837 306824 any time.

Need an evening walk?

Does your dog need a late walk before bed time? Or maybe your cat needs feeding? If you’re going out for the evening or working late, we can help look after your pet. We now offer a full 24 hour service, so your pet can have the best possible care no matter the time of day or night. As usual, you can book either a one off visit or make a regular appointment for your pet. We also offer a full evening pet sitting service.

Give Andy a call for more details.