Autumn is here

The seasons are definitely changing at the moment. Although there are still some nice sunny days, I’ve noticed the trees are starting to change colour. It’s good weather for dog walking though. Not too hot and not too cold either.

Another bright morning

It was another nice sunny morning today, although it was a bit cold. Pippa still wanted her daily walk around Bolsover though, which included going through the grounds of Sherwood Lodge. The now empty Lodge is shown in the photo. Such a shame Bolsover District Council have allowed it to get into this state. It would make an excellent museum for the area and a much needed tourist attraction to complement the castle, which is a few minutes walk away.

Storm damage

Pippa on her walk
Pippa on her walk this morning

After the high winds yesterday, I wasn’t too surprised to find quite a bit of tree damage this morning. I haven’t seen any trees actually fully down, but while I was out for an early morning walk with Pippa I did see some big branches that had been snapped off. Pippa had a sniff at them, then just walked on.

Watch out for apples!

Rupert at Carr Vale Pond

It was a bit breezy in Carr Vale this morning. While walking Rupert I heard a loud thud. Then another thud, this time a lot closer. As I looked around to see what was going on I just happened to look up. And as I did so, I saw something fairly heavy fall out of the sky. Only then did I realize we were walking under an apple tree!

An increase in speed got us out of the danger zone. It has made me think though… I wonder how many people have been injured by falling apples?

Dog walking

Andy with Rupert
Andy with Rupert

If your dog needs a walk, you’ve come to the right place! Andy is happy to walk all types of dog, large or small, whatever breed they may be.

Some walkers don’t walk certain breeds, but that seems a bit unfair to us. It’s not your dog’s fault what size they are or what reputation their type may or may not have. They all want the chance to have a walk just the same.

Before you make a firm booking Andy will normally come to meet you and your pet. This visit is totally free of charge and it’s a great chance to ask any questions and to get to know each other.

So why not arrange your free pre-visit today?

Call Andy on 07837 306824 any time.

Measures during the hot weather

It’s been unusually hot and sunny for a good few weeks now. And with no end to the warm spell in sight, I thought it was time to let everyone know of the special precautions we are currently taking to make sure all our furry clients stay comfortable in the heat.

Firstly, I have changed the route I walk with some dogs to enable us to spend more time walking in shaded areas. Some routes that are inaccessible in winter due to mud and standing water are currently perfectly ok, so these are being used to keep us on less exposed paths.

I have also curtailed some walks down to around 30 minutes instead of the full hour. Most dogs (including Otis in the photo) are not enjoying their walks so much while it’s hot. So those who want to turn back early are being allowed to do so and usually spend the second half of their hour stretched out in the garden!

Finally, we are currently offering evening walks in place of normal daytime bookings at no extra cost. It’s a lot cooler after 6pm, so anyone who can switch their pet’s walk to an evening time slot is being urged to doso.

I’m pleased to report we’ve had no problems due to the heat. Thanks to everyone for understanding these temporary changes.

Need an evening walk?

Does your dog need a late walk before bed time? Or maybe your cat needs feeding? If you’re going out for the evening or working late, we can help look after your pet. We now offer a full 24 hour service, so your pet can have the best possible care no matter the time of day or night. As usual, you can book either a one off visit or make a regular appointment for your pet. We also offer a full evening pet sitting service.

Give Andy a call for more details.


We have more snow here in Bolsover today, but we are still confident that all our dog walking appointments will be taking place as normal. If there is more snow and any change in our ability to get out to you then the latest news will be posted on this website. We will also attempt to contact all our clients by phone if we are running late or need to postpone walks. However, please note that, at the moment, all walks are still going ahead as normal.

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