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Welcome back Sophie

This is Sophie. She had walks last summer but she’s now started again because she needs more exercise than her owner can manage. So she’s now having a walk every weekday to get her out more. Luckily she lives near lots of footpaths, so there are plenty of options of where to go each day. The challenge is sometimes getting her outside. Especially if it’s raining.

What happened to summer?

This week has not been the greatest ever for weather. Despite he fact we are now into July, it’s been dull and raining most of the time. It didn’t stop the dogs though. If anything, they prefer it when it’s not too hot. So Pippa, Max, Sophie, Otis and Pepper have all been out and bout at some point in the last 7 days.

The photo above was taken on the old railway trackbed at Staveley, which is now a bridleway and cycle path. Ther was once a big loco shed not too far away, full of steam engines, waiting to pull their next coal train. It’s hard to imagine how industrial things once were around here.

Hello Max

This is Max. He’s a big friendly Lab with one little problem… He pulls… A lot!

In fact, Max pulls so much, his owners can’t hold him while he’s out for a walks. So I’m walking him to give him some exercise and (hopefully) teach him not to pull quite so much. He’s already getting better, so lets hope he keeps improving.

Good boy Max!

Look out! Becky about!

Becky and her friends had some home visits this week. The sun was out, so they had a good play out in the garden. It wasn’t enough for Becky though, so she gave some serious consideration to how she might get over the wall to next door. Luckily she’s a little dog and it’s a big wall, so her exploration of new teritory has been put on hold for now. Back to chasing tennis balls Becky!

Spring is here

It’s only a few weeks since there was frost on the ground, but spring has suddenly arrived here. This was the scene on Pepper’s walk near Worksop earlier this week. The sun was out and the trees are starting to green up ready for summer.

All our walks are still going ahead as normal. However there are some vacant slots available. So if your dog needs a walk, Give me a call on 07837 306824.

Hello Ollie

It’s been a very strange couple of weeks in the world of dog walking and it seems to be getting more surreal by the day. However life goes on as much as normal as possible. So with that in mind, this week new-boy Ollie has started having walks. Hello Ollie!

Back in the freezer!

Well, after a slightly warmer few days, it was straight back into the freezer for my first walk this morning. This was the scene in Bolsover while I was out with Pippa at about 9:30. Although it was sunny, where the sunshine hadn’t reached there was still a thick layer of frost.

At least it wasn’t dark though!

Not quite so cold now

It’s feeling a bit warmer this week. After quite a few cold days, the temperature hit 10c, so maybe spring really is just around the corner after all? The ground is also starting to dry up a bit, so that’s a bonus too.

Whateber the weather, I’ve been out walking. The photo above was taken in an almost sunny Wingerworth. Perhaps the sun will actually make it sometime next week? Let’s hope so!

Back to the woods

Jarvis has been enjoying a few extra walks recently. We went back to the woods for the first time since last summer and it’s looking a lot different without any leaves on the trees.

Overall this winter hasn’t been too bad so far. It’s been relatively warm and not too much ice around. Ice is definitely the worst thing when you’re trying to walk about.

Unfortunately, as I’m writing this we’re in the grip of a storm. There have been gusting winds of about 90mph over the last couple of days and it’s still howling through the trees. The walks are continuing as normal though. I just have to keep an eye out for flying wheelie-bins etc!

Hello Alfie & Archie

It’s a big Hello to Alfie and Archie this week, who have just started regular walks.

They both enjoy being out and about, so their walks are something they seem to look forward to quite a bit. Luckily the weather has been reasonably good since the new year, so we can go on the grass near their home without totally sinking into it!