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Why tracking is important

When I go to a new client, one of the things they usually don’t expect is for their pet’s home visits and walks to be tracked. Ever since the very first day of Andy Walks I have always used a tracker to give owners piece of mind that their dog or other animal is being looked after correctly and visits are taking place as and when they should. However not all dog walkers are alike, so allow me to share with you a cautionary tale from a friend in Sheffield…

My friends moved to the Intake area a couple of years ago and have spent many months getting their new house the way they like it. As part of this they have engaged the services of a painter, who noticed some very strange activity over the space of a couple of weeks. The house is near to a public playing field, which is a popular spot for dog walking. One day a van turned up belonging to a local dog walker and parked outside. Three or four dogs were unloaded and taken down the road to the park, only to return a few minutes later.

The painter noticed they hadn’t been gone very long, so when the same van reappeared the following day they decided to time them. From getting out of the van to returning was a total of 6 minutes. Hardly time to set a paw on the park, let alone have a proper walk!

Obviously this particular dog walking business does not offer their clients a tracker service, otherwise the fact the dogs were getting very little walking would have shown up.

My tracker not only tracks distance, but time too. It also shows what your dog has been up to while they have been out and about. Clients can choose to receive an e-mail oor text notification after each walk or home visit, so they know everything has gone smoothly.

I just wanted to share this story as it seems to be becoming an all too common tale. Not all dog walking businesses are made equal, so it’s worth checking if the service they offer is actually what your dog is getting while you’re out.

Happy Chino

Chino has been enjoying some lunchtime home visits recently. Along with his friend Frank, he usually has a good run around the garden, chasing bubbles and anything else that moves for that matter!

Summer is here

Chino and Frank have been out enjoying the sunny weather this week. It’s been cold and wet for ages here, but the sun has come out over the last two or three days. So we’re all making the most of it while it lasts!

Hello Odin

This is Odin. He’s joining us every weekday from now on for ‘doggy daycare’ while his owner is at work. He’s happily running around Andy Walks HQ, looking for tennis balls and other toys I’ve hidden to give him something to do.

With lots of people returning to work post-lockdown, it’s important to remember it can be a very long day for our furry friends if they are stuck in an empty house. We can help, even if your pet doesn’t want a walk, we can do home visits from 30 minutes duration to check on them or, like Odin, you can book them in for doggy daycare. Give us a call on 07837 306824 for more details.

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has definitely arrived here in Derbyshire. The temperature got to 20c last week, the daffodils are in flower and the trees are full of blossom.

With lockdown restrictions begining to lift, lots of people are finding themselves heading back to work too, so I’ve never been so busy with dog walking and pet sitting. One of the new starters is Jack the Pug, who is now enjoying regular morning walks near his new home.

There are other new starters too, but I do still have limited slots available. So if your pet needs looking after when you’re back at work, get in touch for a chat about the options available.

Happy easter!

After the snow

The snow came and went pretty quickly this week. Most of it had melted by the time Rupert got his home visit. Not that he was too bothered. There were still plenty of other things to sniff at.

Bess & Hardwick

Hello to Bess and Hardwick, who have both started having weekly walks recently. Here they are this week, enjoying their afternoon out in the sunshine. Who would believe the photo below was taken just a stones throw from the M1 motorway?

Nice weather in Bolsover

There were some nice days this last week. On at least a couple of mornings the sun was out and the sky was blue. It makes all the difference when there’s a lot of walking to do.

The photo was taken on Bolsover hill, with the castle in the background.