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Christmas Opening

I’m pleased to be able to tell you that here at Andy Walks we will once again be open for business over the entire Christmas and New Year holidays this year. So if your dog walker or pet sitter has let you down because it’s Christmas, give us a call on 07837 306824.

Prices start from just £9 for a private and GPS tracked dog walk or pet home visit.



As winter gets closer it’s also getting colder outside. Sky is an ex-racing greyhound and he feels the chill a bit, so he’s been out wearing his camo coat this week.

It’s definitely warm. I just wish I could find one to fit me too!

Down by the pond

The weather has been ok this week. Just a bit cold. It’s been nice to see some sunshine though. Here’s the lake at Wingerworth, with the Smithy Pond pub in the background.

Scaling new heights

Pepper moved house a few weeks ago, so we’ve had to find some new places to go for her walks. The first walk we tried, along a footpath beside a field, was ok  when it was dry, but got very muddy after any rain. So after spotting another path last week, we ended up on top of this very steep hill at Carlton-in-Lindrick.

Rain & flooding update

Despite heavy rain and localised flooding over the last few days, I’m pleased to be able to report that all our walks are currently taking place as usual.

If your dog walker hasn’t turned up because of the rain, you can switch to Andy Walks today by calling 07837 306824 to book future walks with us.

Otis is back

Otis has started his walks again after having a break for the summer. He always enjoys his hour in the local country park and the recent sunny weather has helped a lot.

Another sunny day

We’ve had quite a few sunny days just recently, with temperatures reaching 30C on a couple of occasions. The heat means some dogs don’t feel like walking, but Pepper is not one of them! She loves her walks, no matter what the weather is doing.

It probably helps that we walk inder trees and in the shade of buildings for a lot of the time. It’s tricky keeping dogs cool, but Pepper doesn’t seem to worry about it. She’s just pleased to be outside, experiencing summer while it lasts!

Hi Sky

Meet Sky the greyhound, who had his first walk with me last week. He’s a recently retired ex-racing dog, who now lives with new owners as a family pet.

You might think a greyhound would need a lot of excercise. But you would be wrong. Yes, Sky likes a walk, but no more so than most other dogs. Greyhounds are actually quite calm and like to curl up quietly for a snooze most of the time. Ex-racing dogs have usually been well trained, so will walk to heel no problem at all.

If you’re thinking of getting a dog, you could do a lot worse than adopting a greyhound like Sky.

Out in the sunshine

Hunter & Tweed have been out in the sunshine today. After a few drops of rain this morning it’s now brightened up a bit. It’s definitely starting to feel like autumn is on the way though.