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Out with Sophie

Sophie has been enjoying her twice-weekly walks now the weather is getting a bit warmer. Here she is on the unrestored bit of the Chesterfield Canal between Staveley and Renishaw. There are ambitious plans to reinstate this last section of the waterway over the next few years, with the majority of trhe work being done by the volunteers of the Chesterfield Canal Trust. If you think you can help their efforts in any way you can contact them via their website at

Electric traction for greener walking.

One of the biggest expenses for any small business is transportation and here at Andy Walks we are no exception. With the cost of fuel skyrocketing, I have been faced with the option of either increasing the costs of our services or doing something about the monthly fuel bill.

The answer to the problem has come in the form of a Peugeot Ion electric car. With a range of around 50 miles and the ability to recharge to around 75% in less than half an hour, it’s ideal for the short hops between clients and can easily accomodate any dog who needs to travel too. But the best news is that the fuel savings mean there is currently no further need to increase the prices of any of our pet care services.

The Andy Walks van with it’s distinctive advertisements will still be around, but electric power is now a cheap, quiet and green option to help keep us on track for the future.


Services operating normally

All our walks, home visits and daycare services are currently operating normally. However we are still observing 2m social distancing and asking everyone to wear an FFP3 rated face mask in line with our Covid 19 zero tollerance policy.

If you suspect you or anyone in your household may currently have Covid 19 then you must cancel your upcoming bookings with us immediately.

There is no charge for cancelations made due to Covid 19.

Telephones now okay.

Our recent telephone problems have now been resolved, so you should be able to reach me again on my normal number 07837 306824.  If by any chance yo do still have difficlties though, then drop me a line using the contact form on this website and I’ll get straight back to you.



At The Fish Pond

There have been some nice days just recently. I took this photo last week while walking Winter down at the local angling club pond in Bolsover. If you look carefully you can see Bolsover Castle in the background.

Telephone problems

We are currently experiencing a problem with our mobile phones due to network upgrade work taking place at the cell tower at Sutton Cum Duckmanton.

If you can’t reach us by telephone today, please drop us an e-mail using the contact form on the home page.

As far as we are aware the electronic tracking of our dog walks is still functioning normally.

Daycare & Overnight

Would you like to spend the night in a kennel, with all those strange sounds, no human company and a cold concrete floor? We didn’t think so!  It’s likely to be just as stressful for your pet too. So here at Andy Walks we have the perfect home away from home alternative.

Your 4-legged friend will be looked after in a home environment, with people, toys, good food and a nice warm bed.

We only take one dog at a time or multiple dogs from the same household, So it’s as stress-free for your pet as we can make it when they are away from home.

We offer both daycare and overnight stays, which can be combined at a disconted rate to form a complete doggy holiday. Daycare can also stretch into the evening, usually at no extra cost, so it’s perfect if you’re working late.

Call us now on 07837 306824 for more details.

Better weather today

After a few wet days the weather has changed for the better today. Here’s Venus and Roco, waiting for the sunset over the reservoir this afternoon at Harthill.

This scene is soon set to change with the dam on the left of the photo being replaced over the next couple of years as part of a £5,000,000 improvement project.

Hello Winter

Winter is here. Not the season, but the husky! Winter or Winnie to her friends is enjoying walks while her owner is at work. This time of year that involves a lot of playing in the leaves.

It seems Winter has brought on the season of the same name too. I’ve scraped the frost off my windscreen for the first time this week. Roll on summer!