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Storm damage

Pippa on her walk
Pippa on her walk this morning

After the high winds yesterday, I wasn’t too surprised to find quite a bit of tree damage this morning. I haven’t seen any trees actually fully down, but while I was out for an early morning walk with Pippa I did see some big branches that had been snapped off. Pippa had a sniff at them, then just walked on.

Watch out for apples!

Rupert at Carr Vale Pond

It was a bit breezy in Carr Vale this morning. While walking Rupert I heard a loud thud. Then another thud, this time a lot closer. As I looked around to see what was going on I just happened to look up. And as I did so, I saw something fairly heavy fall out of the sky. Only then did I realize we were walking under an apple tree!

An increase in speed got us out of the danger zone. It has made me think though… I wonder how many people have been injured by falling apples?