Hi Sky

Meet Sky the greyhound, who had his first walk with me last week. He’s a recently retired ex-racing dog, who now lives with new owners as a family pet.

You might think a greyhound would need a lot of excercise. But you would be wrong. Yes, Sky likes a walk, but no more so than most other dogs. Greyhounds are actually quite calm and like to curl up quietly for a snooze most of the time. Ex-racing dogs have usually been well trained, so will walk to heel no problem at all.

If you’re thinking of getting a dog, you could do a lot worse than adopting a greyhound like Sky.

Out in the sunshine

Hunter & Tweed have been out in the sunshine today. After a few drops of rain this morning it’s now brightened up a bit. It’s definitely starting to feel like autumn is on the way though.

Under the trees

It’s turning out to be a funny old week for weather. One minute it’s freezing cold and raining, while  the next it’s blazing sunshine and 30 degrees!

The weather hasn’t bothered Hunter & Tweed though, who are in the photo above, enjoying a bit of shade cast by the trees on the Thoresby Estate.


It was a little bit cooler this morning than it has been earlier in the week, so Sophie enjoyed her walk much more. We  were able to walk a bit further than we have been doing recently and it  wasn’t  quite as tiring for either her or me!

Welcome back Jarvis

It’s been a few weeks since Jarvis had a walk booked, but  today he’s back. Originally he had regular walks while his owner recovered from an operation, but now hejust has an occasional walk when his owners are out. It’s always nice to see him.

A walk in the woods

It’s turning out to be quite hot this week. I can’t believe I’m in anything like the same places I was back in January. It feels like a different planet!

Dogs generally don’t like walking when it’s hot, so the woods on the Thoresby Estate provide some welcome shade for Hunter and Tweed.

Charlie is back

New boy Charlie was out for a walk yesterday afternoon. It was only his second walk with me, but he’s settled into the routine quite well.

Luckily it wasn’t too hot yesterday, so it was comfortable walking. However I’ve had to cut some walks short today because some dogs really do not like the heat.

Growing up

Hunter & Tweed are back after a few weeks break. They always enjoy their lunchtime walks. After not seeing them for about a month it’s amazing how much they’ve grown.


It’s not been a great week for weather this week. It’s the middle of June, the longest day of summer is less than a month away and I’m still wearing waterproof that Scott of the Antarctic would be proud of.

Even Pepper dug out her wooly Christmas jumper!

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